Saturday, 14 November 2015

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

How to... Entertain rabbits!

I have 3 adorable Mini Rex rabbits named Cookie, Hazel and Eeyore. I am always looking for new and interesting to entertain them with, and today I made them some new treat balls.

I picked up some cheap grass small pet beds at the pound shop, stuffed them with hay, added some fresh green vegetables, then stuffed in more hay on top.

Grass bed designed for small animals such as hamsters, rats and other small pets to sleep in.
Designed to be chewed and eaten by them, so safe to use as a toy.

Sprouts - I used 3 sprouts per rabbits toy, but you can use any other rabbit safe foods.

Stuffed with fresh hay, fun for them to pull out and an essential part of a rabbits diet.

The end result was a large round ball that they can eat, rip apart, throw about, chew on, nudge around, and play with to their hearts content. The fresh green food is very good for them but make sure not to include too much as it can upset their stomachs.

Cookie absolutely loved it! The other two liked them too, but Cookie went mad over it, even ignoring his food for this new toy! Couldn't get the best photo of him playing with it as he wouldn't stay still, but here he is with his new favourite toy!

Cookie gives this new toy a 10 out of 10! He is one very happy bunny!