Saturday, 20 February 2016


Maisie has now joined the other canine celebrities and joined Instagram! Come and follow the worlds cutest chihuahua* and see all her adventures!

Click here to follow Maisies Adventures instagram account!

*This is purely her mums opinion but she is pretty sure it's an accurate description!

Its competition time!

With Crufts coming up, and a brand new Instagram account all about Maisie, it looks like its time to run a competition. We toyed with the idea of giving away a toy or a bag of treats but that never felt like enough, so instead Maisie has chosen to give away a whole Mystery Box to one of her fans for their dog!

Everything in there will be suitable for your dogs size, and it could contain anything from toys to collars to treats and so much more. There are lots of items in the mystery box and one lucky pup will win it all!

To enter, simply follow the instructions. The more things you do, the more entries you get! The more entries we get, the more items we add to the box!

Pretty Pooches Mystery Dog Box Giveaway

Crufts Countdown!

Im sure many people reading this are as excited as I am. Crufts is the worlds biggest dog show, and you see some of the worlds most beautiful dogs competing against each other for the coveted Best In Show title!

I am heading up to Birmingham NEC on Toy and Utility Day, especially to see my favorite breeds, the Chihuahuas, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, and all 3 sizes of Poodle. Thanks to the Discover Dogs section I will also be able to go and say Hi to nearly any breed of dog you can imagine!

Lots of photos to be taken and lots of toys and treats to buy for my own pooches!

So excited!