Saturday, 27 February 2016

Spotlight on the Standard Poodle

Despite my favorite breed being the Longcoat Chihuahua, I am starting with the Standard Poodle because they are just stunning dogs, who can do an amazing job in the field too!

The most well known Standard Poodle has to be Ch. Afterglow Maverick Sabre (pet name Ricky!) who won Best In Show at Crufts 2014

To put it lightly, he is stunning! He has it all - Conformation, Grace, Power, and Personality! He is a dog that can put on an amazing show in the ring, but you can see would easily be able to do what the breed was originally meant to do! Just as a dog should. His breeder should be (and I'm certain are!) very proud!

Moving in the ring - Look at that muscle!

Winning the Utility Group, then on to Best In Show

Ricky winning Best In Show
Standard poodles were originally bred to hunt and retrieve birds that had been shot, particularly in water which is why they have the cuts they are shown in today. Each of the "pompoms" are there to protect the dogs joints and to give buoyancy in the water.

A poodle retrieving in the field
Poodles are also very good at other types of work. They can be used at Therapy Dogs, do Agility, be Support Dogs, help the Disabled, all sorts of things. Standards are very diverse dogs, and because of their inteligence they need a lot of mental stimulation. They are great pets so long as they have a "job" to do to keep their minds active as well as their bodies.

A poodle working with his owner
I will write up about the Miniature Poodle and the Toy Poodle later. What brilliant dogs!

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Throwback to winter

Even though it was very cold we still needed to take a nice long walk. Pippi (pug cross chihuahua) was given this beautiful purple jumper as a christmas present but sadly it was too small for her. However it was the perfect fit for Maisie and kept her nice and warm on the beach.
Doesn't she look stunning!