Thursday, 30 June 2016


Maisie has almost 2500 followers now on her Instagram account @MaisiesAdventures and she is so proud! Thank you so much to all of her fans. Such a big goal for a tiny dog!

Maisie looks so cute with this new filter, so she decided to get a new hairdo! How cute! 

Chihuahuas - The smallest dogs with the biggest personality!

Someone recently challanged me to describe the Chihuahua breed in just one sentence. To me I can only sum them up in one way -

"Chihuahuas - The smallest breed with the biggest personality!"

Every chihuahua I have ever met has had an amazing personality, and been extremely loyal to their families. There seems to be some difference between the two coat types personalities, and I find the smoothcoats are much more feisty than the longcoats, who in my experience are generally more laid back. 

The UK breed standard calls for the breed to be up to 6lb, with 4lb to 6lb preferred for the show ring. Pet chihuahuas (as in those not in the shown) can be a larger but they are all still very small dogs. In the UK show ring and for Kennel Club registration, the two coat types are designated as different breeds. The longcoats and smoothcoats are not shown together, and if bred together, their puppies are not eligible to be registered with the KC. 

These are two examples of some of the top winning show chihuahuas. Both are fantastic examples of the breed, and as you can see, both are very very cute! 

This is the smoothcoat Best Of Breed winner from Crufts 2015,

This is the longcoat Best Of Breed winner at Crufts 2014, KC name CH/IR CH X-TRA SPECIAL FOR HELENA OF EUROPEAN FRIENDSHIP NETH JUN CH, AN CH 13.

You can see from the photos that the two are very similar, although some people say there are differences in the body shape of the two breeds. The smoothcoat and longcoat breed standards are almost identical, with the exception of the coat details. They may be tiny but the chihuahuas are very good at walking into the show ring and showing off! That 'look at me' behaviour is one of the traits that the chihuahuas seem to always have! They usually love attention, and the show ring is the perfect place for them to show off.

When it comes to attention, some chihuahuas are fantastic with children. My own longcoat chihuahuas are very close to my little nephew Jack, and my tricolour Shelby is his biggest fan. Maisie loves everyone, and is a close second. Pictured here are Maisie, my longcoat chihuahua, and Pippi, a rescued Chihuahua/Pug mix. Jack was roughly 18 months old here.

They really are an amazing breed, and most people can't just have one. My pack of 8 is proof of that! If you have any questions about the breed, or general dog questions, please ask and I will answer them as soon as possible!