Thursday, 9 June 2016

Crufts Review

This update is long overdue but here it is - our Crufts review! So sorry for the delay for anyone that has been waiting for this, but we have been extremely busy.

Maisie and I had a fantastic time at Crufts 2016, and bought home lots of goodies. We were given a press pass and a special dog plaza pass so we were able to go into the press office and take a photo in front of the Crufts background! As you can see, Maisie thought it was great!

Maisie extremely happy to be at Crufts!

We arrived at almost 12.30pm after a 4 hour train journey. It was exhausting just getting there but Maisie loved meeting all the new people on her journey. She made friends with several people at every stop along the way, and slept in between curled up on my lap. Thankfully there was a tea trolley on the train so I was able to get a cup of tea on the way!

Maisie and I at Crufts

 Just outside we spotted this banner and a lovely lady offered to take a photo of us (Thank you!). Sadly a teenage boy decided to try and throw himself through the banner from the back as Maisie was sitting by it and scared her. Its a pity someone would try and destroy someone elses property and scare a small dog just because they can. Thankfully, Maisie was ok after a couple of minutes and the teenager embaressed himself in front of his friends. Thats what you get for trying to show off!

Some beautiful longcoat chihuahuas in the ring.

The main breed we were looking to see was the Chihuahua. Maisie got to say hello to lots of her relatives and we had so much fun talking to their owners. I wish I could have stopped and cuddled every single one, but we had to keep going. Lots more dogs to see, lots of stalls to visit, and lots of Maisies fans to meet!

One of the adorable smoothcoat chihuahuas. Loved this ladies jumper too!
The Cavaliers in the ring.

We went on Toy and Utility day so there were a lot of small dogs around. Some of our favourites were the sweet little Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and the Chinese Cresteds. Both breeds are so different but both are such lovely breeds. It was great seeing the difference between the hairless and powderpuff cresties while being shown in the same class.

Powderpuff and Hairless cresties in the ring.
A lovely Bichon after its class. Beautifully groomed!
Maisie wasnt too happy that I wouldnt let her go in the ring too. She loves showing!
Some Chinese Cresteds in their matching onesies. Arent they adorable! 

Maisie made a new friend. She had to have a cuddle with her.

A stunning Boston Terrier. This dog was being shown from overseas. People travel from all over the world to show at Crufts, and this little pup really had the wow factor for me.
Meeting the amazing Victoria Stilwell.
 We were very lucky to be able to meet celebrity dog trainer Victoria Stilwell too. Victoria is such a lovely lady too. She was more than happy to talk to everyone and pose for photos with her fans. I was so pleased to get the chance to see her and have a quick chat about dogs and training. Even though she was very busy, she was so friendly and made the time to talk to everyone. I love this lady!

Very sleepy after a long day.
Maisie was exhausted after such a long day, but she loved it. Of course, she had to sleep on her new vet bed after eating lots of treats we picked up from the stalls. She was also very lucky and won a years supply of food while she was there. So proud of her!

Hopefully we will be invited back this coming year. Maisie wants to say a big thank you to all of her fans, friends, and everyone who gave her so much attention throughout the day. She also wants me to book her a hotel so she can go on more than one day next year, but we will have to see if I can make that wish come true. But even if not, she knows she will be spoilt rotten.