Saturday, 20 February 2016

Its competition time!

With Crufts coming up, and a brand new Instagram account all about Maisie, it looks like its time to run a competition. We toyed with the idea of giving away a toy or a bag of treats but that never felt like enough, so instead Maisie has chosen to give away a whole Mystery Box to one of her fans for their dog!

Everything in there will be suitable for your dogs size, and it could contain anything from toys to collars to treats and so much more. There are lots of items in the mystery box and one lucky pup will win it all!

To enter, simply follow the instructions. The more things you do, the more entries you get! The more entries we get, the more items we add to the box!

Pretty Pooches Mystery Dog Box Giveaway


  1. Fingers crossed my puppy Poppy wins .she has her paws crossed 😉

    1. Good luck Poppy! I would love to see a photo of her if you wouldn't mind? :) x

  2. Hi my names prince Arthur pickles and I'm a chug I would love to win because I'm such a good boy and would love a special treat. I give mummy lots of lick kisses and cuddles and love lazing about having my tummy tickled. I can be michevous at times but I give my lovely sad eye look and mummy always forgives me but shhh don't tell her this. I've got my paws crossed thank you for the chance love Arthur xx

  3. My name is Blossom and I am a mini Dachshund. I deserve to win because I have been on my best behaviour recently - I have not raided the cupboard or the bin in over two weeks. Which means mummy has not had to sweep up bags of white flour, bread or cereal from the kitchen floor!

  4. My name is Willow, I have an annoying little sister called holly, she's 6 months old and loves to share... NOT! She's always stealing my toys and hiding them, she will tear them up and leave me the pieces! Mummy's always buying me new toys but holly always eats them. I tried to help by digging holly a hole but mummy told me off. I would love to win and have some stuff of my own that holly can't have.

  5. Jac would love to win - he is outnumbered in a house with 4 cats and 2 snakes. Leo the bengal cat is the same size as him and often beats him up!. Morticia and Dena the 2 black cats meow loudly at him and steal his bed! Lady the special needs kitty steals his chew treats and plays foot ball with them or carries them in her mouth! all in all he feels pretty hard done by sometimes and would love a box of treats all for himself! (of course we cant guarantee the cats wont steal from it!!!)

  6. Im poppy i have just had my second birthday and i got a new bed , i am an only pet and i have 3 humans who i love and they love me . i would love to win as i am a good girl i do as i am told and i give my mummy so much love and loyalty i think i deserve a prize xx