Monday, 20 March 2017

Crufts 2017!

Maisie had a fantastic time at the Worlds Biggest Dog Show. She got lots of cuddles, New toys, treats and grooming items, and loved being center of attention and meeting so many of her fans. (Photo above is from 2016 - My favourite one of her there!)

We went along on Toy and Utility Day, where there were lots of other Toy Breed dogs, as well as Utility breeds, Flyball and Agility dogs, and of course lots of PAT dogs and other dogs with very special jobs! 

Both varieties of Chinese Crested compete together in the same classes. The Powder Puff has a long flowing coat, and the Hairless has just small amounts of hair on its body. Otherwise, they are judged against the same breed standard.

We watched several breeds being shown including Standard Poodles, Shih tzus, Chihuahuas (both Longcoats and Smoothcoats), and Dalmations. Maisie got a little jealous that she wasn't able to go in the ring when she saw others of her breed, but she was there to work, not to show.

She spent most of the afternoon meeting some of her fans, shopping, sampling new treats and food, and taking lots of photos! When it came to home time she was exhausted, and slept almost all the way home (a full 5 hours travel!) on her new Vet Bed. It was such a fun day and Maisie still gets excited if she hears the word "Crufts" so I think she wants to go back next year too!

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