Friday, 12 January 2018

Trick Dog Training - Do More With Your Dog

Trick Time!

Our beautiful little chihuahua Maisie has been working hard all year on her new favourite type of training. She has been adding Trick Dog to her list of abilities!

So far, Maisie has passed her Novice, Intermediate and Advanced titles, and is 1 trick away from passing her Expert title. We will be working towards her Champion title soon.

She is earning her titles at Fun Trick Dog Training classes, run by Kathleen Tepperies. If you are in East Sussex, I highly recommend joining up through her! She is a Certified Trick Dog Instructor, and knows how to help you get the very best out of your dog. In her Trick classes, you work towards to Do More With Your Dog titles.

Trick Training is a lot of fun. You work together with your dog to learn new skills, strengthening the bond between you. Most dogs love learning new things, and love spending time with their owners, so combining the two makes this a very fun and interesting thing to do with your dog! 

Because there are so many different tricks you can learn, there is something for all dogs, no matter how big or small they are, even puppies and senior dogs can learn new things. It's a fantastic way to keep your pet active as well as providing mental stimulation.

Some of the tricks Maisie now knows are - 
  • Spin (Novice)
  • Crawl (Novice)
  • Roll out a carpet with nose (Novice)
  • Barrel Racing (Intermediate)
  • Opening the Door (Intermediate)
  • Back-up (Advanced)
  • Double Balance Beam (Advanced)
  • Ringing a Bell (Advanced)
  • Peanut Rolling (Expert)
  • Box Search Game (Expert)
And so many more too! These are just a few examples of what she has learned over the past 12 months, and your dog can too. 

These tricks are so much fun for Maisie to perform, and she loves her classes too. Make sure to pay your pet well in treats and praise, and they will enjoy their training sessions even more. 

This is a PDF list of the different tricks for all the different levels, and books and DVDs you can get to help you towards them. Check it out if you are interested in earning any of these titles with your pet!

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